icloud- The online virtual PC

03 May

Do you own a PC?
It is totally absurd to ask this question in this millenium,but new technologies are found every day that results in various upgradation to a normal PC. When hearing the cost of such a PC incorporating a few of this technologies, most of us prefer to keep it as a dream than owning such a computer.
This is where the icloud come into the play. icloud is a cost free,virtual desktop which allows you access from anywhere and anytime as long you have internet access.
icloud can be accessed through a web browser, and lets the user to perform word processing,chatting, emailing etc. that could be done through any ordinary PC.

icloud is considered as the next generation of cloud computing, and is the result of a long reaserch.

What is icloud?
icloud-logo icloud is a website that convert a normal web browser to an online virtual computer. icloud could be considered as a lite weight in-version OS. icloud is built by Xcerion, a swedish company.

Inorder to start using icloud, first a user needs to register an account with When you login using the username, and password, you are directed to the desktop.

For the first time there exist an EULA (End-User License Agreement),accept this to access the dektop.


Storage and Backup
The data uploaded to the icloud is stored in the icloud data center. Currently, a free version that supports a space of 3 Gb is made available to the users. The user can upgrade to a premium account to access more services, and storage. The applications are run using a 2 MB virtual machine loaded through user’s web browser. An abstraction layer is used to separate applications from the browser. Another feature- WebDAV, allows the user to drag the files from your PC to icloud drive.

Data sharing with other users could be done by three methods- either dragging the files to share pad in the desktop, or dragging the files to messenger chat window, or right click on the file to share, and select share option.
The files include photos, music,folders.

Another feature is sharing to a friends window using the share window feature.

About 30 applications are available in icloud that cover a variety of productivity, as well as consumer softwares.

1. Write: is the word processing software. This can edit Rich Text documents.
2. Presentation: Application for creating and showing presentations.
3. iPlay: The music player of iCloud.
4. Mail: A free email account is created when registering an account with iCloud. could be used to send/receive mails.
5. Instant Messaging: A chat application to chat with other users, currently using MSN accounts.
6. Unzip: An appliacation to zip/unzip files.
7. Document Explorer: allows the files to open in their own windows.
8. Photos: Organise, and view photos.
9. Application Designer: Integrated development enviornment to create new applications in icloud.
10. Word Convertor: converts the word documents to rich text formats.

Other than these applications there exist a collection of other applications like: Calculater,calendar, Contacts, Google Maps, Radio, Movies.

Currently , the icloud supports only Internet explorer(icloud Beta version). A new version that support firefox is in the development stages.

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